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Sarah Winkels
I am Sarah Winkels. Born under the tropical sun. I grew up in Dortmund, Germany.
My mission is to contribute to the transformation of the working world becoming a place for collaboration & innovation, where business success is built on respect and humanity.

I support people in professional crises to successfully overcome their conflicts, to get (back) into professional action; in short: Empowerment in the job crisis and conflicts.

'Cross-bridging' (mediating) for and between people is my daily activity. I endure conflicts, contradictions and tensions in order to find systematic solutions with everyone involved.

I studied Intercultural Communication in corporate world (German Diploma in Intercultural Pedagogy). In Australia, I saddled up a Master of Commerce with a specialization in International Business.

In my professional practice, I orient myself towards the professional needs and needs of those with whom I work. In order to continue to give my best in the future, I keep on learning.

My skill repertoire
  • European Business Coach, certified acc. to ICF standards
  • Ontological Coaching & Innovation, USA
  • Master of Commerce - International Business, Australia
  • German Diploma Intercultural Pedagogy
  • ITIL v3 certified
  • German: mother tongue, English: business fluent, Spanish: fluent in conversations

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