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Businessknete┬«  distills my Empowerment approach, my HR expertise and Coaching competence.

Businessknete is my word creation. It merges 'Business' and 'Knete'. The later is a German Expression for modelling clay or Money (slang).


Strengthening individuals on the job and the company itself as an organization to take actions purposefully and committed. (Empowerment, Systemic, Constructivism).

Business context

forms precise framework to operate in (Focus on job reality).

Cooperative collaboration

on equal footing: I'll pick you up from where you are.

Goals and needs

are success controls during the process (linking economic with educational approaches).

Conflict management

will be done respectfully and pragmatic for instant implementation (transferability).


of joy and ease into work process.

I am happy sharing details or provide references on request.

I advocate a world of work that is becoming a place for collaboration and innovation, where entrepreneurial success is based on respect and humanity.

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