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Business Coaching

Dealing with unsolvable conflict?
Career in danger?
  • Coaching occasions
  • (Fear of) Job loss
  • Maintaining the ability to act in crisis
  • Career continuation after illness, grief, stroke of fate
  • Tensions in the team, with the boss

I am delighted to support you getting back to self-determined professional actions as quickly as possible. Therefore, I'll pick you up from where you are. You are our reference point throughout the process: You set the pace and your goals. I'll ensure you will receive customized support you want and definitely need.

For more Empowerment in your job crisis.
My offer. My claim. Your choice.

Let me support you!

You know what to do next, when and in new ways. Your our voice is returning. You are capable expressing your interests at workplace. You get re-energized by working towards your goals.

Needs-based support

You are the expert for your (work) life.

  • So it's up to you:
  • Retaining full control and decision-making power (humanistic approach, partnership).
  • Learning to see the conflict in its complexity (systemic view, change of perspectives).
  • Transfer support: I am at your side until you have overcome the difficulty.
  • Invitation of a trustworthy person (e.g. in legal, medical cases).
  • Allowing some lightness and joy.
Extra Bonus

You are 'ready to act'. Together we build tailor-made solutions and coping strategies by focusing on your strengths, experience and needs. You will be able to deal with the conflict proactively and strategically. Add on, you have gained tools to address any future potential points of conflicts with much more power and self-awareness.

I am delighted to support you in overcoming your job crisis.

Case studies

  • My boss wants to kick me out. After 20 years! I don't want a lawsuit yet. Can't I solve it differently?

    shutterstock "fizkes"

  • New boss was introduced today. Could be my child. I can forget my overdue promotion once and for all.

    shutterstock "Anton Watman"

  • How shall I motivate my team? Even I have no corporate target goals set by my manager. What do all expect from me?

    shutterstock "fizkes"

  • Chaos at work. Another reorganization. They are preparing the next mass downsizing. Is it my turn now?

    shutterstock "fizkes"

  • I cannot stand it any longer. The last company sale was bad. Now we are supposed to be sold even abroad.

    shutterstock "Slava Dumchev"

  • Accident – 7 weeks not in office. Now I am invited to a company integration management 'BEM' talk with HR? What is happening to me?

    shutterstock "Andrey_Popov"

  • Team members have put me down in front of my best client. I cannot stand this any longer. How can I defend myself?

    shutterstock "Dean Drobot"

  • After 10 months, finally back. Instead of meeting my customers again, I am said to maintain lists. I'll never get out of here.

    shutterstock "Kaspars Grinvalds"

  • My work, my lovely team are distracting me from my grief. Now my boss and HR want to send me on vacation. How can I speak out for myself?

    shutterstock "fizkes"

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